Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy Shit! Is the Fergie Tower back?

1213 Walnut St             

Destroy! Destroy!
                     In 2009, Philaphiles will remember that there was a proposed mixed-use 29-storey hotel/apartment/5 screen movie house to cover a shitty lot at the 1200 block of Walnut St. The amusing part of the plan was that the developer was planning building AROUND Fergies' Pub. Therefore, the plan was affectionately called the Fergie Tower. Here's a photoset of renderings:
                      Well, I walk by early this morning and see the old thrift store with building permits from 1996 being destroyed and started to wonder.. will the Fergie Tower get built or are they just extending an already shitty lot? Sheeeeeeeeeit.

This better be for the Fergie Tower!

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