Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Empty Lot of the Week-- September 17th

George Gordon's Lot

300 Arch Street

              Ok, so Old City has a whole shitload of surface parking lots and even a few completely unused slumlord-owed patches of vacant land. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that this little lot irks me the most. That's right. This corner of landscaping at the southwest corner of 3rd and Arch with that ugly green metal box on it is indeed an empty lot and has been such for 50 goddamn years.
              Read more at the Philadelphia City Paper's Naked City Blog!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Old-Ass Building of the Week-- September 16th

Parke Building/ Markley Building/ Bank and Trust Company of West Philadelphia

17 South 52nd Street

Pic by Brad Maule
                  This is yet another building that I've wondered about forever. Many attempts I've made to research this building over the past 2.5 years failed, but I was finally able to get the skinny on this big bitch-bastard on 52nd Street once and for all. Check it out at the Hidden City Daily!