Monday, April 11, 2016

Lost Building: Haseltine Building (5th Anniversary Post!)

1416 Chestnut St

     On this, the 5th Anniversary of Philaphilia, I wanted to do something different-- I haven't done a lost building in a long time so this time around, my newset Hidden City jawn is about the Haseltine Building, which only stood in its full form for 7.5 years. Check it out at the Hidden City Daily.
      I never thought this shitty little blog would lead to the opportunities and experiences I've gained just from talking some shit about buildings, lots, dead proposals, and other crap. Through this blog, I've gone from writing about buildings and lots to actually being involved with decisions that directly effect them.
     One day I'll write about that in more detail, but for now, know that nowadays I've managed to enter into a new level of Philadelphia building, parcel, and property awareness that I never would have imagined possible. I've been able to commiserate with some of the very developers and building owners I've been reading and writing about for years and I'm loving every minute of it.
    Thanks to all of you who have read my writings, asked questions, taken tours, and given me new information about the built environment in Philadelphia.
       Special thanks to those of you out there that took a chance on me, based on what you read here, to gave me a hand in helping shape the future of this city. 
       Nonetheless, Philaphilia isn't really over, though it may appear that way sometimes. I'll continue to write pieces for Hidden City and will keep on giving the tours-- again, thanks for everything!