Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- May 21st

Tun Tavern Reconstruction

109 Spruce Street

Old conjectural drawing of Tun Tavern superimposed (badly) onto the site of the proposed project.
               In last week's Empty Lot of the Week, I examined a dirty pile of empty land at the corner of Spruce Street and 38th Parallel Place, between Front and Second. At the end, I appealed to the sky for an answer as to why the city has been sitting on this space for the last 40 years without nary a sign of life, besides a brand new sidewalk that was just installed--the first one this lot has ever had! In the comments section of that piece, Philaphile Bob Bruhin brought up the fact that a re-build of the legendary Tun Tavern was once set to happen here but never happened. A Dead-Ass Proposal!
               Read all about it at the Philadelphia Citypaper's Naked City Blog!