Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Update!! Fronts That Filled!!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          Hello, this is Robert Stack, and you are now reading this in my voice. Since last April, your shitbag author GroJLart has been highlighting long-empty storefronts hoping to get them filled. Almost 9 months later, some that have been empty for years and years have finally filled or now have activity in motion. Play the youtube embedded below to hear the appropriate background music.


        The infamous Murano storefront, featured in the first-ever Fill This Front post, is about to get filled! American Heritage Credit Union is moving over from the Stock Exchange Building in anticipation of its coming head-to-toe renovation. They will be taking a ~5,000 square foot segment of the space, leaving a 2,500 square foot section still available. After nearly 8 years without ever getting a tenant, the Murano's ground floor will finally rise! Here's the listing for the rest of the space.


        Another storefront empty for nearly 8 years, the Stapler space, finally has an occupant! Everything Fresh, an experimental grocery store concept being tried out that may expand further throughout Center City if successful. The place has only been open for a short time but always seems to be crowded and has some great Yelp reviews. Good Luck!


          The 5-years-empty 1518 Walnut space now finally has a permanent lessee. My.Suit (that's not a typo), has opened their fifth-ever store here, their first outside of NYC (unless you count their White Plains store as such, which I don't). If you have a lot of money, go in and get yourself a custom-made suit.


          Both storefronts outlined in a single Fill This Front post, 1200 and 1300 South Street, both have activity in motion. 1200 South went up for sale at the end of November and then was re-labeled "Off Market" on December 31st, meaning that it either just got sold or was just taken off the market after a month and some change. Hopefully it sold. Either way, the retail space is back up for lease.
          1300 South, a storefront empty for nearly 9 years, now has a tenant signed: the new location of Sansom Street Kebab House! The owner of the Kebab House told the Inquirer that he will be retaining the name of the place, so the new location will be labeled with a different street name that its actually on. This is a grand Philly tradition-- Paper on Pine is on 13th Street, Sound of Market is in its last month at 11th Street (and once had a location on Chestnut), Spruce Street Video is on 12th Street, and the short-lived 14th Street Audio was on Chestnut Street!

          Even when the Fill This Front about 137 South 10th Street was posted, plans were already in motion. In a very very short time, the space has been made into the Jefferson Acceleration Zone! This building looked like absolute shit for a long time so this is a great addition to the street and the neighborhood.

And now some smaller updates:

           -2108 Walnut has a new owner, therefore this long-empty storefront may come back into play.

           -Unsubstantiated rumor has it that the Sprucy Storefronts may be getting filled with an expansion of the CVS next door. We'll see what happens.
           - The Philadelphia Blueprint Company building is in the midst of construction-- additional floors are being added on top. Hopefully this means that someone will be coming along to use all this new space and maybe even Fill that Front after nearly 8 years empty.

              Something is afoot at the "Dinette" space. The sidewalk out front is blocked off and a candystripe notice from L + I has appeared.

       For every empty lot, effed-up building, new development, or empty storefront, there's someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is reading this. Perhaps... it's you. If you have any new or extra information relating to articles posted at Philaphilia, write to us at You need not give your name.

"Now get the fuck out of here"

Monday, January 5, 2015

Old-Ass Building of the Week: U-Haul

747-753 West Allegheny Avenue
Photo by Michael Bixler
                  I always thought this place was a theater, but it ends up I've always been wrong. Read all about it at the Hidden City Daily!