Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fill This Front: Philadelphia Blueprint Company

725 Chestnut Street

Godfuckingdammit I've had about enough
Of fronts that stay empty though they look so tough
This little one right here really takes the cake
Its been seven whole years since it had a break
But what really chaps my ass is the true fact
That it went many decades fully intact
That's just what Philly Blueprint Company did
 Which means you'll succeed if you make the right bid

'63 Historical Commission pic. Even then the facade appeared just as sick
Nineteen Thirty Five is when this place was built
Karl F. Otto's design, details to the hilt 
 Blueprint Company moved from Filbert and it
Used the Times Printing House's leftover shit
Not until Twenty O' Seven did it fail
Actually they moved over to Lansdale

Two Thousand Seven and dirty as can be. You can find this photo at the PAB
 Ever since, this place has been empty as fuck
Two Thousand Nine renovation, still no luck
 However a couple of attempts were made
By an accounting firm and a cupcake trade
Nonetheless both of them failed to come in
Leaving the old For Lease signs alive in sin

In July the building got a new owner
Don't know 'bout you but this gives me a boner
This space finally has the chance to fill up
Fit something in here like coffee fills a cup

Photo from Loopnet and the MSC. Would be easier to lease if less messy.
Ground floor space is Thirty Eight Hundred Square Feet
 On the Seven Hundred block of Chestnut Street
Even Las Vegas Lounge gives this block good bones 
Get office above, two basements below
Can't best this if you were Bam Bam Bigelow
 It rents for Fifty bucks per square foot per year
You're bound to do well if you bring your place here

 Great transit from the EL and countless bus lines
Makes lots of ways to avoid those parking fines
If you don't think that makes this location tough
 You should know its near the historical stuff
So look at this listing and take that punt
You can be the badass that will FILL THIS FRONT!

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