Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- June 18th

The Americana

218 Arch Street

OMG so tall!!!!!!!!
                       Though only proposed 7 years ago, this dead-ass proposal seems like ancient history.  This perfectly good project, though fully approved, could not recover from the NIMBY blowback it incurred at its inception. Fuck.
                     Read more at the Philadelphia Citypaper's Naked City Blog!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Philaphilia will be back June 25th (except tomorrow)!!

10th and Wolf as depicted in the crappy movie of the same name. Actually a picture of some street in Pittsburgh.
                               Allright well its about time I took a break from this stuff... haven't missed a post since the blog started on April 10, 2011. There will still be a Dead-Ass Proposal tomorrow on the Naked City Blog, but the rest of the week will be postless. Philaphilia will return with some brand new shit on June 25th(except tomorrow)!!!

The real 10th and Wolf from Google Streetview.