Friday, May 13, 2011

Empty Lot of the Week-- May 12th

PAFA Super-Lot

Bounded by 15th and North Carlisle Streets from Cherry to Race

Fuck this lot.
          Ok, so everyone loves PAFA and loves what they're doing with Cherry Street. Read more about that here. What chaps the ass of me and other Philaphiles is that a humongous surface lot sits behind it all and will be highly visible from their super-cool new Lenfest Plaza. The fact that there's parking structures FUCKING EVERYWHERE around this thing makes it seem all the more useless.You've got to wonder why this lot exists when there were perfectly good buildings there as recently as the 60's.

1959. Ok, so there was a small surface lot at the corner. Better than THE WHOLE FUCKING BLOCK!
                I guess PAFA and Hahnemann and the Quakers nearby needed the parking. Now with the new Family Court coming in catercorner to this Doldrum of Despair, it has no fucking excuse to stay a crappy surface lot. Think of all the possibilities. PAFA, Hahnemann, the Quakers, shit, even the crazy house in the neighborhood could build something here and do magnificently.
                   PAFA could move their student housing operation here and have retail facing Cherry that serves the new plaza. A hotel that serves the Convention Center could go here. I dare ya. Hahnemann could easily expand into this void. Have you seen some of the little nooks and crannies that Jefferson and CHOP have inched their way into? Shit, I'd rather see a giant statue of Milton Street than this piece of shit. A Museum of Trucknutz. A burning pile of rotting Tastykakes. Fuck.

Future site of the Museum of Trucknutz

         *I had to repost this because blogger went down last night and the original post was lost so any comments that were made are gone, so say that shit again.

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  1. How about a statue of Milton Street wearing a pair of truck nutz?