Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Philaphiliamobile Has Been Stolen!!

1000 block of Spruce Street


It looks just like this, but all fucked up.
                     Good ol' Philadelphia... I suppose, in my 9 years of parking on the street, that something like this would happen some time. My piece of shit 1996 Honda Accord LX was stolen over the weekend... I parked it on the 1000 block (or maybe 900 block?) of Spruce between 3:30 and 4 pm on Friday, October 5th. I returned to it this morning to go to work, and it was gone. After calling the police and searching for blocks in case it was moved or towed, it was confirmed that it had been stolen.
                    I've spent all day going around to all the surface parking lots and parking garages I know of in the area (many of which I've written about) and have been unable to locate it. So, in an act of desperation before I go to even more lots and garages, I ask all of you Philaphiles out there across the city to check out your block and see if the elusive thief just happened to park there by some extreme coincidence. In the (extremely small) chance that you see it, please e-mail me at rhaandarite@gmail.com and I will confirm the tag number with you. Then I'll turn it over to the 6th District.
                  While searching, I've learned that about 9 million other people in the neighborhood also drive white '96 Accords that are not mine. However, the Philaphiliamobile has a very distinct patch of paint missing on the left of the rear bumper. Once, while taking a picture of a building, I happen to catch it within the frame. Here it is:

Only known picture of the actual Philaphiliamobile. 

                      Anyway, this is a huge longshot but if you see it, let me know. Here's more angles of the exact same model:

Mine looks much much worse.
Find me!!!


  1. Oh no! I had my stellar 1997 Honda Accord stolen two years ago, although I got it back (in scrap condition) after the thieves ditched it at 5th and Olney. The only good thing? Although the car was never going to be street legal, the cop showed me how to start it with a screwdriver so I could drive around junk yards pretending I knew what I was doing.

    Lesson learned: it is insanely easy to steel late '90s Hondas. No car alarms. Rip out the ignition switch. Jam screwdriver into hole, find notch, turn.

  2. Philly & Accords don't mix. I had an 84 accord when i lived in the city in the early 90s. Some twit broke into my car, ripped down the back seat looking for my radio (thinking it was in my trunk). It wasn;t. The jerk bent my antenna to vent his disgust that he didn't find it. On the bright side, after that I could now put in long things in my trunk which i could then extend into the passenger space.