Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Empty Lot of the Week-- October 2nd

Archdiocese Lot

Southwest Corner of 17th and Vine Streets

             You can gussy it up with all the trees and statues you want, but its still a shitty surface parking lot. For the last 40 years, this lot, which had a perfectly good historical building on it, has been sitting empty, collecting dust (and cars). This lot needs a future... and fast.
              Read more later today at the Philadelphia Citypaper's Naked City Blog!

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  1. There is another horrible piece of shit lot not too far from this one: 15th Street between Race and Cherry. It's an eyesore and embarrassment since it's one of the first things people see as they come off the Broad St exit of I-676. The lot screams for something interesting to be built on it...maybe another building for PAFA? I'd love to see a post about the history of this lot and how it got to where it is now.