Thursday, February 2, 2012

Butt-Fugly Public Art of the Week-- February 2nd

Milord La Chamere by Jean DuBuffet

1530 Market Street

Drawing or sculpture. Make up your fucking mind!!! Pic from
                         You know, there's actually some really good DuBuffet sculptures out there, but for some reason, we're stuck with this nasty pile of steel shit-turds. This throw-away sculpture by Jean Dubuffet is so nasty that it lives in an unnoticeable and forgotten corner of the 1500 block of Market Street. Most people walk right by this thing without even seeing it.
                          Centre Square gets the Percent-for-Art Triple Crown for Shitty Public Artwork. All three pieces created for this set of butt-fugly buildings are trash. Developer Jack Wolgin, who must have a PhD in Dumbassian Studies from Simpleton University, wanted this particular sculpture because he thought it looked like a Mummer. Ok, so it does SORT OF look like a Mummer. You know what would've been even better, Jack? A STATUE OF AN ACTUAL MUMMER!! Dicktree!!
                        DuBuffet created this 24-foot-tall, 5,000 pound monstrosity in 1972 to 1973. It sat in front of the Seagram Building in New York City in 1974 and 1975. Wolgin pooped his pants upon seeing it and shoehorned it into his shitbag Centre Square complex in 1976. Originally, it stood indoors, in the middle of the atrium between the buildings. When new owners took hold of the building in 1990, they hated it so much that they moved it outside to the little alcove it sits in now, hoping that all the birdshit stains would tarnish the stainless steel enough to make it look a bit more interesting.
                   Milord La Chamere means "My Lord of the Fancy Vest". Its more like My Lord of the Stainless Steel Assfruit. What you can't see in the picture above is how the figure is standing on granite base supported by a ten foot tall steel column. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Are we supposed to worship this scribble scrabble of nonsense? Fuck that shit. Actually, its on that base because when it was on display in the atrium, it rose up from the lower levels up to ground level.
                  In 2003, Centre Square's new owners said that they would move Milord La Merde to a more prominent location than the shitty alcove it sits in. Nine years later, it still hasn't moved. Good. Fuck it.


  1. This is easily one of the worst pieces of "art" I have ever seen. They need to hide it more if, possible. And saying that it looks like a Mummer is simply an insult to all Mummers.

  2. sorry, this is actually one of the best public art modern sculptures in Philly...

  3. just cause it was created by an actual world renowned artist, doesnt make it one of the best

  4. Name a better 20th century Sculpture in Center City, (Oldenberg Clothespin, and the Robert Indiana are contendors, {I also like the Henry Moore on the Parkway, but it isnt one of his major works.})