Friday, April 15, 2011

New Jefferson Building Construction Update

901 Walnut St.

So there will be a new giant light-up Jefferson sign perpendicular to the other one? Interesting how the smoke stack nex to the Edison Building is missing!
              In an attempt to make the 900 block of Walnut look less like shit, Jefferson decided to knock down the little fleabag 70's era building at 9th and Walnut and build a new 11-storey education and welcome center. I had the privilege of seeing renders for this box 2 years ago at a Washington West Civic Association meeting. The best part was when one of the old NIMBY's asked if the building would have a Green Roof and the Jeff dude chuckled "nooooo".
The crane operator is like "You've stolen my soul!!!"
          The box will be connected to the garishly colored building next door at 903 Walnut and the Edison Building (an upcoming Old-Ass Building of the Week) to its rear. The facade on the right side of the east-facing part of the box will be arranged to match the Edison Building. The facade of the building at 903 Walnut will be re-colored to match the new box. As I was taking pics of the construction I suddenly remembered that the original renders I saw 2 years ago had a supplementary box cantilevering over 903 Walnut. Sure enough, it's there:

Also in this picture, observe 903 Walnut from the What Were They Thinking era of architecture.
            Jefferson also plans to fill the future Empty Lot of the Week found at the corner of 9th and Sansom with two more boxes, but that construction is probably far off. So how long do you think until Washington West is renamed to compliment Jefferson? What do you call it? The Jefferhood? University Shitty? Midtown Fillage? Oh well.

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