Friday, January 13, 2012

Update!!! -- January 14th

                      Hello, this is Robert Stack. I've risen from the grave so that you can read this in my voice. Play this youtube video for the appropriate background music:

Update!! After many decades, The Mercantile Liblotary is now going to be restored to its full original configuration. Expect a boring short-ass glass wall that will be hailed as the greatest architectural achievement ever.

Update!! The Butt-Fugly Sidney Hillman Medical Center has been destroyed!!!! HUZZAH!!!!! Construction of a new apartment highrise is planned for this March. This project will be putting the big cranes back in air in this city!!! Way to get two birds stoned at once!! 

Update!! Only one day after the article about the CHoP Hole was posted, it was reported that construction of a 500,000 square foot Outpatient Care Center will be starting soon and that the massive hole is for a 5 story underground parking garage.

                      There are still many unsolved Mystery Buildings that need your help. For every development, there's someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is reading this. Perhaps... it's you. If you have any new or extra information relating to articles posted at Philaphilia, write to us at You need not give your name.

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