Thursday, December 15, 2011

Empty Lot of the Week-- December 15th

The CHoP Hole

Between the Colket Translational Research Building and the Fisher Translational Research Center

It's deeper now than it was in this pic from October 2011.
                          Does this even count as an empty lot? It's not even a lot, its a hole. A very deep hole that seems to be getting deeper by the day. Every time I see it, I'm floored by how much deeper it has become. What are they digging for? Is this Gold Rush Philadelphia? What the frick!?!?!
                           For the history of this lot, look no further than the Butt-Fugly building article here. I still don't know what the fuck Translational Research is. Wait a minute... this hole almost seems like a construction site. Could CHoP's South Campus Master Plan actually be a go?!?!? If it is, what form will it take? There have been a shitton of renders of what would be built on this spot over the years.

Obviously an old one. The Civic Center is still there.

This one has the Colket Tranlational Research Center in it but it looks all weird.
Here's the same configuration of buildings as above but with goofy colors.
The accompanying text said that this was an 8 storey building.
                         The other clue that makes me think that its a construction site is the recent news that CHoP has issued a 270 million dollar bond sale to "fund future expansion projects". Now that could mean anything, since in July they released the news that they would be building a whole new set of shit on the other side of the river from the Hole, but the articles about the bond sale also mention "a new five storey Ambulatory Care Center."
                          I guess that's what's going on... but the question still remains... why the fuck do they need to go so deep over a five storey building? Also, the deepest part of the hole is in an area that every rendering has as a grassy open space. I know that this area of land has had its share of landfill applied in the early to mid 19th Century... maybe that's what is being removed.
                           You have to be pretty impressed with an organization says "fuck you" to the Great Recession and sells off a bunch of shit to get their buildings built. Though the future South Campus Complex will probably pale in comparison to the old master plan for it, it is another step in the right direction for the city. Oh, and kids' lives will get saved too... but fuck that, this is an architecture blog.

The least deep section of the hole as of yesterday.


  1. Translational research = animal testing lab. BOOOO!
    (They're "translating" the results of the animal testing to be applicable to humans). Can you imagine how many animals are going to be in there with the size of that hole they're digging? Makes it even uglier.

  2. Maybe all five stories are going to be underground, leaving the grassy open space at street level?

    Or maybe they're going deep for underground parking?

    They might also be digging a foundation that can support a taller building - an expansion atop the five-story building later on down the road.

  3. Funny, this was answered in today's philadelphia business journal

  4. i worked on the demo of the old convention center. which was in 97 i think? maybe? Bout time that old hole gets finally filled.

  5. For the Convention Center Hall at least...