Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fill This Front: John C. Clark Legal Stationers

1326 Walnut Street

             Empty for five fucking years with nary a "for lease" sign, "for sale" sign, or even an L + I violation notice! How they hell do you keep a building like this empty for five years without doing shit with it? C'mon!!! There's all kinds of stuff you can do with a building like this and in this location-- what the fuck is going on here?
             This building was built in 1912 as the Kleem & Keen Investment Bank under the designs of one Richard Conover Loos. It continued on over the decades as other investment banks. Here it is as the Tremble & Company firm:

There it is on the left in 1949.
                 In 1951, the facade was made into its current configuration when the Colonial Federal Savings Bank moved in. They installed the billboard on top (of which the frame still stands) in 1952.

            In 1977, the 160-year-old John C. Clark Legal Stationers, the oldest in the business, moved into the storefront and stayed for the next 3 decades. Then, out of nowhere, they disappeared. Their website it defunct and their phone number goes unanswered. No one knows what happened to them, except that the company won't be making it to its 200th anniversary in 2017.
            Five years after they've gone, the building at 1326 Walnut has been sitting there vacant and unused, a 5,300 square foot pile of empty. This place is in a great location, served by a shitload of public transit options and close to offices, residences, AND hotels. Tons of foot traffic, the works. Do you want it? Well, its not for sale, for lease, for anything. What in the fuck is going on!?!? Somebody needs to investigate this shit and FILL THIS FRONT!

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