Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- July 16th

The Horizon and The Tides

901 North Penn Street

Old 2003 rendering.
                Waterfront Square, the luxury condo gated community on North Penn Street on the Delaware Riverfront, was proposed in 2003 by its original developer, a partnership of Isle of Capri Associates and a Tel Aviv-based developer, as a 5-tower, 968 unit juggernaut on nearly 10 acres. However, only three of the towers got built. The last two, called the Horizon and the Tides, have fallen into the Dead Proposal black hole... or have they?
                 Read more at the Philadelphia City Paper's Naked City Blog!

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  1. GroJLArt,

    You are BY FAR my favorite philadelphia writer. I absolutely love every single one of these articles... a topic I love (Philadelphia development)... a rich HATRED for something I loathe (NIMBYISM & ANTI-DEVELOPMENT)... and a way of speaking about it that remind me of one of my favorite comedians (Lewis Black). You should write a book. I would buy it. It should include a skyline view of what Philly would have been like "if only". Team up with a designer or something... cause seriously, I would buy it. Then I'd tell my brother to buy it. Then I would slap it in the face of all my friends and we would yell about NIMBYism... then more people will want to see more development.. then people would stop sucking and Philly would be allowed to develop inspiring buildings and architecture to make us a world class city. You rock. Write a book.