Monday, June 10, 2013

Old-Ass Building of the Week-- June 10th

Banater Maenerchor Hall

2007 North 2nd Street

Pic by Brad Maule
                  Legendary Philaphile Brad Maule challenged me to find out as much shit as I could about this cool-looking bitch-bastard of a building. Check out the results at the Hidden City Daily!


  1. I always love the titles of your entries. They're so funny, and some spot on. Thanks PhillyChitChat

  2. Hey, check out the corner of Deveraux and Milnor.... I sometimes bike down around it, on the ugliest bike ride you can do, Ben Franklin to Tacony Palymra Bridge run... grit, speeding pickups on your elbow, the Frankford Arsenal, surrounded by a Van Allen Belt of busted MGD and Corona bottles. You better have Kevlar bike tires for this one.

    At the end of the street, behind the sign saying KITCHEN OPEN, is the Wissinoming Yacht Club.


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