Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update!!! -- September 19th

                   Hello, this is Robert Stack and you are now reading this in my voice. Since the inception of Philaphilia in April, 2011, quite has bit has changed in our fair city. Play this Youtube clip for the appropriate music:

Update! The Broad Street Shitjungle has been cleared a bit and now sports renderings of the upcoming Southstar Lofts. Build it!!

Update! The newest incarnation of Race Street 205 is getting tons of support despite NIMBY concerns. A new rendering is out there and zoning notices have been posted on the site. Build it!

Update! The crappy new 9/11 Memorial was dedicated on September 11th. Whoda thunk it?

Update! The shitty Bicentennial Bell Tower is one step closer to being destroyed... renderings showing the (crappy) design of the new American Revolution Center have been released.

Its kind of ok I guess.
Update! In case you've been under a rock for the last few months, the new Barnes Foundation museum is now open to the public. Go check out its kitchen countertop facade up close!

Update! Construction is about to begin at 3737 Market Street, eliminating one of the two University  City Science Center lots. Huzzah!

Yawn, but better than an empty lot.
Update! A new proposal has come along for the World Trade Square site, a crappy-looking and unlikely residential complex by the same "developer".

You know how they say "Never say never?" I'm saying "never".

Update! Another addition to the Fisher Translational Research Center/Roberts Proton Therapy Center is currently under construction. That was fast!!

Update! The Shitz Carlton Waldorf Awhoria Fail Lot will soon be no more!! A Philadelphia W Hotel is in the works for this spot and is now fully approved, with funding!!! Construction is to begin in the Spring. Huzzah! Build it!!

Update! The Deadly Disappontment Lot is gone! Construction continues on the disappointing-looking Home2Suites that will replace it. Huzzah!!

Update! The U.S. Customs House's facade is now restored and looking a helluva lot better!


Update! The Great NIMBY Memorial is one step closer to disappearing. Toll Brothers is about to start building a crappy residential development. NIMBYs will probably kill it before it starts.

A bit lame.
Update! The G. Fred Diboner Lot now is the site of a new 20+ story residential building proposal by Brandywine. No renders yet, but at least there's hope for this shitbird of a lot.

There are still many unsolved Mystery Buildings that need your help. For every development, there's someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is reading this. Perhaps... it's you. If you have any new or extra information relating to articles posted at Philaphilia, write to us at You need not give your name.


  1. 16th and Sansom lot is moving along quickly too.

  2. 205 got Planning Commission support yesterday:

  3. G. Fred DiBoner is a Brandywine, not Liberty, project.

    Other than that, excellent post.

    1. Thanks Steve... I knew that but wrote the wrong thing anyway.

  4. Re: the Bicentennial Bell Tower, I just learned it was a gift from the British. It all makes sense now...

    Methinks they were probably taking the piss.

  5. The Customs House looks great! And it's nice to have that scaffolding gone.
    Inga Saffron's recent interview with Zuul, the Sumerian god, was a bit of a disappointment, though. Turns out the building was NOT a Ghostbusters movie location and he was very clear about that. However, he did say it looked nicer than the Manhattan hi-rise used in the film.