Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- May 8th

South Bridge

734 Schuylkill Avenue

                  Hey! That's not a bridge! This proposal right here generated lots of excitement and anticipation but ended up falling to shit. While multitudes of successful building proposals and construction projects were (and still are) being built in Southwest Center City, this one was by far the most bold... and the most failed.
                 Read more later today at the Philadelphia Citypaper's Naked City Blog!!!


  1. I LIKED THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE SO MUCH, I'VE DECIDED TO IT HERE, FOR PURELY SELFISH REASONS: "In the times before every high school pushed every student into college, it became home to special non-graded occupational programs for high school students who actually wanted to get a job when they grew up instead of whining about the uselessness of their advanced degree in loom weaving."

  2. Well, get a good look... CHOP (children's hospital) has decided that the best use of riverfront property isn't residences or recreation, but 2 or 3 30-plus story office type towers, with thousand of spaces to park cars and their own private garage ramp jammed into the South Street Bridge bike lanes.

    They're crossing the river, and they're declaring that the best way to get to your job at CHOP is to drive in on 76...

    the riverfront bike lane will go through, but it will be in shadow most of the day...

    unless the neighbors -- who are unhappy, it seems like, get cracking with some pollution and traffic studies that could maybe scale it way down....

    1. Thanks for the tip! Is there a rendering out there somewhere? I've heard a lot of different stories about their plans for that space. One was that they would build 14 individual buildings (big and small) there, demolishing the big tank depot... another had them using it for a parking garage. Any other info about this would be great.