Monday, March 5, 2012

Old-Ass Building of the Week-- March 5th

IRS 30th Street Campus (a.k.a Philadelphia General Post Office, a.k.a. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Processing and Distribution Center)

2970 Market Street

                      While the United States Postal Service is in decline (mainly because of this, the Internet), there was once a time when the Post Office was the most importance service in the country. This building represents that age in the city like no the form of a giant Monolithic Art Deco Riverfront Fortress of Mail Distribution of Doom and Associated Apocalypses.
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  1. Because of the internet? Haha, I don't think so. It‘s because the government is running it. The government can't do anything right! Fed Ex and UPS are doing just fine...

  2. Fed Ex and UPS is not the mail. They're shipping companies. The internet has seriously put the hurt on the USPS, which is why a single postage stamp will probably jump all the way to .50! I, along with 100s of thousands no longer use the postal service. Bills are received and paid online, greeting cards to sent via email. The USPS is trying (and failing) to become a shipping company to compete with the others.

  3. If it were privatized, it would quickly become profitable...

  4. Good grief, even here we get simplistic politics. Ron, every postal service in the developed world is facing declining revenues due to the internet; it isn't some particular American failure. The USPS is also saddled with a unique Bush-era requirement that it pre-fund its pension system, which has impacted its ability to maintain cash flow and service. It's possible that fully private competition could easily replace the USPS in most metro areas, but this would certainly leave the majority of podunk, rural areas without service at anything but exorbitant prices. Still, it's clear you don't even understand that the USPS has been a fully self-funded quasi-private government-sponsored entity -- i.e. privatized -- for a generation, and for most of that time, was actually able to cover its expenses with postal revenue year after year. It has taken no taxpayer subsidy since the Carter presidency. Read up before you spout off uninformed drivel.

  5. thank you dan for puttin him in his saved me from having to do it