Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- March 27th

Enterprise Heights

The 4600 block of Market Street

Didn't happen.
                        This would have been a pretty badass development if it ever got its ass off the ground. This complex of buildings could have renewed energy in an extremely sorry area of the city, but it just never happened. To be fair, an extremely down-scaled version of this might actually be built, so not all hope is lost.
                         Read more at the Philadelphia Citypaper's Naked City Blog!

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  1. sigh.... I wish the provident mutual would be turned into a mixed-use building that the neighborhood could rally around. it is still gorgeous... and would make for great office/daycare/condo/cafe material- I am not sure the police department is going to turn the grounds into a desirable hang-out place...