Monday, January 23, 2012

Old-ass Building of the Week-- January 23rd

Edison Building II

900 Sansom Street

The only thing Empty Lots are good for-- getting pictures of a building.

                     This building has always been a favorite of mine. Now taken for granted, this monster was once a famous Philadelphia landmark and tourist attraction. After decades of obscurity, the Edison Building is starting to get noticed once again. I'd tell you more, but Earth's Greatest Blog is now doing Old-Ass Buildings at Hidden City Philadelphia!!!
                     Here it is!!! Check it out. 


  1. Long time reader, etc...Appreciated the most recent piece, but the overall tone and feel felt, well, muted or muzzled. I really appreciate architecture with flavor, and I've raved about your writing style to many friends (quite a few of which I know read you on the regular). I hope that, with more success (because really, it's good people know how awesome this is), it doesn't take away from the singular amazing-ness that is Philaphilia.

  2. Thanks for your support! The Hidden City stuff gives me the new challenge of writing stuff that is still in my voice without saying fuckity fuck fuck all the time... I'm working on it.

  3. i am in agreement GroJ. while i respect the challenge and am quite happy about the growing fanbase, there is something quintessentially philadelphian about the profanity laden praise and contrary derogation interspersed throughout the passionate tales of the city's urban landscape history that has become a beloved part of my daily routine. keep up the good work.