Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dead-Ass Proposal of the Week-- January 17th

              Today's Dead-Ass Proposal is one of the saddest broken dreams the city has ever seen. The one that people always say, "You know what Dead-Add Proposal you should do?" to me about. Which one is it? Check out the Philaphilia article down at the City Paper's Naked City Blog to find out!


  1. I went to the zoning variance hearing for this, and I can testify that it was full of old people complaining about shadows. Now I work next to this lot and I have to look at every day.

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  3. I love to see stuff get built, but I think this building was so plain and not in keeping with Philadelphia that I am glad it was never completed. We have the most planned and classy skyline in the world. This thing looked like a big box with a needle on top. I do like the bottom of the building a lot, but it doesn't make up for the fact that this thing would loom over the skyline and - yes - be totally out of scale. I'd rather have two 750 ft buildings than this 1500 ft one. I'd feel differently if the main portion of the building was a little more creative, but alas, it is not.