Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update!-- August 10th

                      Hello, this is Robert Stack. I've risen from the grave so that you can read this in my voice. Play this youtube video for the appropriate background music:

Update! One of the inspirations of this blog, the Robert Morris Building, has found a new developer and is continuing the renovation that was begun by Kimpton Hotels. This Imperial Fortress of Asskick will now be converted into apartments.

Update! Uncle Rusty's Reading Railroad Riverlot is now a small part of the Waterfront Master Plan that includes the building of hundreds of residential units. It will also be the subject of an architectural dig by Temple University, according to one of our readers.

Update! The Great NIMBY Memorial has a new proposal. Toll Brothers presented a new residential project for the site that will no doubt be squashed by NIMBYs over some trivial circumstance.

Update! The G. Fred Diboner Lot now has a pop-up garden that's been running for a few months. Go check it out!

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  1. it's all well and good that new market is getting developed, but that is a August, 2061 butt-fugly building of the week right there.

  2. Indeed that building is pretty fucking ugly. Sad part, too, is that it looks like the developer wanted to build something nice and modern looking, but the neighbors forced them to build that ugly-ass fake-historical-but-really-just-looking-like-a-suburban-po-mo-abortion.